Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deal With Two Devils

Jon Gosselin took his D-Bag self over to Saint Tropez with his new piece Hailey Glassman (22).

Here they are hanging with Christian Audigier, my version of Satan, he's the creator of The Ed Hardy clothing line. So yeah, the devil.

Apparently Jon's going to make a deal with Ed Hardy. I would say the fact that Jon wears it would be the number one reason to NOT wear Ed Hardy clothes, you know besides the way they actually look.

Kate Gosslin's probably rolling over in her cotton shorts as we speak.


d said...

he looks sad :(

jana said...

is this the one he was accused of having the affair with? she is clinging to him in the pics

liza said...

i heard she is the daughter of the dr who did kate's tummy tuck

Anonymous said...

yea she is lol
i think he is way better off without Kate!