Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Reality Show

It looks like Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince are getting a new reality show and I am all over that shite.

"Britney Spears’ wife-beater-loving ex-husband Kevin Federline [is]
eyeing a new reality program to show off his latest girlfriend, Victoria Prince,
and (gasp) his two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, a source tells E!
“Victoria is a big part of the series,” says the source. “They are not
engaged, but she lives with him full-time in his place in Encino.”

Sadly I watch all the shite celebrity reality, Tiny and Toya, Denise Richards, Kendra, The Kardashian Shenanigans, the list is endless.

Bring it!


jana said...

ok how much weight has Kfed put on???

hoop said...

He looks bigger with every new picture. It isn't like he doesn't have time to workout.

What does the girlfried do? Other than the obvious?

hoop said...

What up with the bowling shoes?

JEWELS said...

They were bowling, they're on a team or something so that's pretty much all she does.

She had "an entry level possistion" at Fox Sports but quit once she caught the Britney Gravey train in Federlineville.

hoop said...

LOL! "Caught the Britney Gravy train in Federlineville"

That means she can't be Canadian because remember according to Billy Bob, you guys don't do the gravy!