Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday I posted that the NY Post said Debbie Rowe accepted 4 million dollars in exchange for her parental rights. Well it's not true.
No deal has been made and no money has been exchanged. Rowe's attorney says:

"There has been no agreement reached between Ms. Rowe and the Jacksons.

Ms. Rowe has not and will not give up her parental rights. … And Ms. Rowe has
not accepted and will not accept any additional financial consideration beyond
the spousal support she and Michael personally agreed to several years

And so it continues....
In other Jackson news, sources in the LAPD are telling TMZ that Michael's death is being treated as a homicide, right now Dr Conrad Murray (the doctor who was with Jackson when he died) is who they are focusing on.


jana said...

Ok wait a sec here while I try and understand a few things....This Debbie Rowe never had anything to do with the kids when Michael was alive but now is fighting for her parental rights???, Very Odd

The doc killed MJ?????, Odd yet again

and is Latoya psyhic or not?
She said she was getting to the bottom of it all so ppl just need to relax

hoop said...

She is PHYCHO.