Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slipping Back To Brit?

Britney's hair is starting to look like my doll Casandra's did after 5 years of abuse from my brother, it doesn't look like there's a bra on board here either.
She's also going to be free from Papa Spears soon as well.
Sources tell us Jamie Spears will ask the court to review the terms of
the conservatorship after her concert tour ends in November. Jamie can't ask the
judge to end it -- just to review it. The judge then decides if Britney should
regain control of her life.

We're told Jamie thinks Britney is ready to roll on her own. He has
made her life his full time job since February, 2008.

The vendors of the tour were promised that the conservatorship would last through out her Circus Tour so they will have to keep that up but as soon as the tour's over she's a free woman.
No word on if we'll be back to high life midnight drives to Rite Aide to buy giant horses and cheesy puffs.


hoop said...

We can only hope ;)

K played (plays) with dolls?

JEWELS said...

No he just tortured mine.

jana said...

and broke mine

hoop said...

LOL...I should have known!