Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Good

I have more sympathy for Hilter than I do Paris Hilton but these pictures are disturbing. Paris Hilton's vagina has been more than The Godfather but that still doesn't make this right.
This dude needs to be kicked in the head.

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hoop said...

Come on. She loves this stuff. Any attention is good attention for this ho.

JEWELS said...

No, that's never OK. I'm sure she'd be the first one to be spread eagle across the hood of the car but unless she does that you don't have the right to take an upskirt picture.

And why take it anyways? We've seen it, I think I have that thing printed on a's old news.

JEWELS said...

But yes, she is a whore...LOL

K said...

LMAO.....ballsy move! 10 for creativity

d said...

these pics are sickening...all the guys are laughing too, which is disgusting. grow the f up

hoop said...

She probably paid the guy to do it.