Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tweedil D and Tweedil Douche

If you were ever on the fence about Jon Gosselin, you know you thought he was a douche but couldn't quite convince yourself, here's the news that will send you over the edge.
Jon and Kate Major (The reporter from Star Mag) went to the Hampton's to hang out with Michael Lohan. Yep that Lohan.
"Jon is a friend, he's a great guy, he needed a place to get away to, and my
doors were open to him and Kate Major," Lohan tells PEOPLE. "Jon and Kate
[Major] are good friends of mine. She's with him [at Lohan's house]. Kate's like
a daughter to me. When she needed a place my doors were open."
Lindsay's career has taken a nose dive (literally) into a big pile of coke and Jack Daniels so Michael saw someone who was actually getting press and decided to leech on.
How could someone be friends with such a vile person like Michael Lohan. Jon Gosselin wasn't always my fave but now it's certain, Jon is DEAD TO ME! I'm sure this will effect his life greatly.


jana said...

DEAD TO ME....I Love it..

Ok but is he dating two chicks? You got to wonder without the media attention how many ppl would be interested in him??

Anonymous said...

i think Kate (the original) made him go off the deep end...