Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tough Guy

Justin Timberlake called a pap over outside his London hotel and just stared at him, yep a good old fashioned stare down competition. Justin won, no doubt he made himself a trophy.

Stay tuned for when Justin has a silence contest..."Let see who can not talk the longest...1 2 3 GO!"


d said...

if i ever see justin i am going to knock him out myself, and then point and laugh nelson style(simpsons)

i can't stand him

Bell said...

Agreed d! What a wiener... although I have to admit I did meet him once at the Pickering Town Centre (at the beginning of his NSync days) and I didn't take advantage of the situation and knock him out... boo me!

d said...

he might not have been as idiotic then as he is worries, bell, we'll get him next time

jana said...

The stare down gotta love it...Man I wouldn't want to mess with that...seriously I always laugh right away and I'm out