Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blohan News

Lindsay Lohan gave us Crack Chic again in a photo booth at her birfday partay.

In other Lohan news, a woman in Florida is suing Lohan claiming the self tanner she's been hawking Sevin Nyne is a stolen formula.

Jennifer Sunday says she was working with Lorit Simon on a self tanner but they couldn't agree on pricing so they parted ways, next thing she knew ,Lorit was working with Lindsay. She claims Lindsay's tanner has the exact same ingredients as hers.

Sunday is suing Lohan, Simon, and Simon's company for breach of contract,
theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional interference with
contractual relations and deceptive and unfair trade practices.

I don't think Blo...unless she's after two eightballs and a half a bottle of JD she's pretty much out of luck.


Stephanie said...

I'd be embarassed to take credit for developping that formula knowing that Lyndsy uses it...and it turned her orange.

hoop said...

Why is she always sticking her fingers in her mouth?

Ms. Sunday is from here! Good luck to her.